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Freedom Writers Reflection Essay Layout

Freedom Writers Essay

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Freedom Writers Essay

In the movie, The Freedom Writers Mrs. Erin Gruwell (Hillary Swank) plays a role of a dedicated teacher who did all she could, to help her students learn to respect themselves and each other. She has little idea of what she's getting into when she volunteers to be an English teacher at a newly integrated high school in Long Beach, California. Her students were divided along racial lines and had few aspirations beyond basic survival. Mrs. Gruwell was faced with a big challenge when a group of freshmen students showed her nothing but disrespect which made it hard for her to communicate, teach and understand them. However, Erin Gruwell was determined that no matter the cost she would teach her students not only…show more content…

They were stories of broken and dysfunctional homes, being kicked out of the house for being part of a gang, to being beaten up just because they were different. Reading these journals Mrs. “G” realized how similar each student’s stories were no matter the race, ethnicity or gender. Even though the students did not see eye to eye, they all had many things in common: they were all in gangs; they each had their own stories to tell; each student has dealt with the shooting of a friend, each student want to communicate to others, and each student wanted to be respected.
Upon realizing all of the similarities between each student, Mrs. “G” then began to strive for her students to realize this too, so she comes up with a “line game” for the students. She places a line on the floor with tape and the students walk to the line when the question that Mrs. “G” asks applies to them. At first she asks silly questions like “How many of you have the new Snoop Dogg album?” or “How many of you have seen Boyz n the hood?” but as the game goes on she begins to ask more serious questions like “How many of you have lost a friend to gang violence?” when every single student steps up to the line for each question they begin to realize that beneath their race their ethnicity and affiliation to a gang, that as teenagers they are a lot alike, with many of the same experiences.
As the year goes on the students realize more and more how similar

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