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Taylor Polynomials And Approximations Homework Sheets

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Taylor Series

A Taylor series is a series expansion of a function about a point. A one-dimensional Taylor series is an expansion of a real function about a point is given by


If , the expansion is known as a Maclaurin series.

Taylor's theorem (actually discovered first by Gregory) states that any function satisfying certain conditions can be expressed as a Taylor series.

The Taylor (or more general) series of a function about a point up to order may be found using [f, x, a, n]. The th term of a Taylor series of a function can be computed in the Wolfram Language using [f, x, a, n] and is given by the inverse Z-transform


Taylor series of some common functions include

To derive the Taylor series of a function , note that the integral of the st derivative of from the point to an arbitrary point is given by


where is the th derivative of evaluated at , and is therefore simply a constant. Now integrate a second time to obtain


where is again a constant. Integrating a third time,


and continuing up to integrations then gives


Rearranging then gives the one-dimensional Taylor series

Here, is a remainder term known as the Lagrange remainder, which is given by


Rewriting the repeated integral then gives


Now, from the mean-value theorem for a function , it must be true that


for some . Therefore, integrating times gives the result


(Abramowitz and Stegun 1972, p. 880), so the maximum error after terms of the Taylor series is the maximum value of (18) running through all . Note that the Lagrange remainder is also sometimes taken to refer to the remainder when terms up to the st power are taken in the Taylor series (Whittaker and Watson 1990, pp. 95-96).

Taylor series can also be defined for functions of a complex variable. By the Cauchy integral formula,

In the interior of ,


so, using


it follows that

Using the Cauchy integral formula for derivatives,


An alternative form of the one-dimensional Taylor series may be obtained by letting


so that


Substitute this result into (◇) to give


A Taylor series of a real function in two variables is given by


This can be further generalized for a real function in variables,




For example, taking in (31) gives



Taking in (32) gives


or, in vector form


The zeroth- and first-order terms are and , respectively. The second-order term is

so the first few terms of the expansion are


SEE ALSO:Cauchy Remainder, Fourier Series, Generalized Fourier Series, Lagrange Inversion Theorem, Lagrange Remainder, Laurent Series, Maclaurin Series, Newton's Forward Difference Formula, Taylor's Inequality, Taylor's TheoremREFERENCES:

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