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Essay Against Homeschooling

The following is an essay by homeschooled student Joy James Home schooling is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Families choose to home school their children for a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs and a desire for their children to have a better education. There are many groups throughout the country that assist home schooling families by offering classes that would be difficult to take at home. Many people in this country choose to home school their children instead of sending them to public school for religious reasons. At home, the parents can choose what curricula they use in their school work, which in many cases is based on their religion. Some families home school because they found that public school was too easy. When someone home schools, the student can learn at his or her own rate. Meaning, if the particular subject is easy, the student can continue on though the course without being held back by the rest of the class. On the same note, if he or she is having trouble with a subject, the student can work on it until the subject is understood fully without having to worry about falling behind in a class. There are many stereotypes that home schoolers have to deal with. One is that home schooling is easier than public school. The majority of the time this isn’t true, because the parents push their children much harder to succeed then a public school teacher might. Another myth is that all home schoolers get to sleep in and do school in their pajamas. In truth, most home schoolers get up at the same time if not earlier than public school kids and get dressed for school just like them. Another is that they have no friends or social life. This is probably the most annoying stereotype. Home schoolers usually take several classes out and have friends at those classes, as well as church. There are many home schooling organizations throughout this state, as well as the country. Some of these organizations meet in churches and offer classes that would be difficult to take at home, like drama and chemistry lab. OCHEC, the Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation, helps home schooling families statewide and hosts a state-wide home educator’s convention every spring. Home schooled teens often take other classes besides those offered in a home schooling organization and at home. Francis Tuttle Technology Center offers their classes to home school teens, as well as public school teens, ranging from pre-engineering to carpentry. There has been recent opposition to homeschooling. California recently passed a law that makes it almost impossible to home school your children there, with criminal penalties if you try. Many parents in California are now faced with the decision of whether to move out of state to continue home schooling their children. Many feel that this is violating the parent’s right to educate their children. There are dances and graduation for home schooled students. The Class of 2009 has already started meeting this year in plans for graduation. The graduation ceremony is just about the same as public school, only it includes religion and prayers. Whether it is religious reasons or a quality of education that the parents want, home schooling is a popular alternative to public schools. Home schooled students do have friends and a social life despite what people say.
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Best Answer:  Your intro should reveal what your topic is, and your position on your topic. Then, follow with statistics, which will show how many people are affected by what your'e talking about. Search for a web-site that's geared toward home-schooling, preferrably one directed to home-schooled students/parents in your state. They should provide some reasonably accurate statistics, as well as a brief summary about what it is, and what it isn't, and what the requirements are. It would be even better if you could find a source that tells you how many students in your state are taught in school vs. home school.

I also think you should discuss the variables. For instance, you have parents who actually do teach their children, and parents who ignore their kids, letting them sink or swim on their own. Some of those (ignored) students use forums such as yahoo answers to try to get people to give them the answers to their assignments, which doesn't help them learn. It just proves they're too lazy to open their text books to find the answers to their assignment questions. To prove your point, you could peruse the section of yahoo forums where students post questions asking for help with their homework, and see for yourself how many say they're home-schooled, and how lazy some of these students are, that they'd rather take the time to post their homework assignments online, hoping for someone else to do their work for them, all when they could've cracked open a book and found all the (CORRECT) answers, instead of relying on strangers, most of whom would like to see them copy a wrong answer.

Personally, I think home schooling has become a fall-back tool for lousy parents who raised their children without discipline, and no respect for other people. These children often get kicked out of school, or they flat out refuse to go to school, and parents sign them up for home schooling, just so they don't go to jail for their kids not going to school. Just my opinion. In a case like this, you've got parents who aren't smart enough to teach, but don't care, as long as they don't have to deal with drama.

At the end of your paper, you should re-state your opinion.


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