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5 Paragraph Essay Format Powerpoint Presentation

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The five-paragraph essay - the basis for so much middle school and high school writing... and beyond! This clear and colorful 30-slide PowerPoint slideshow gives a comprehensive overview of all the essential parts of the five-paragraph essay. The presentation could be used easily as an introduction to the essay form, or, for more advanced students, as a reminder or refresher on the elements of a strong essay. Convenient for use in the English/ELA classroom as well as the Social Studies/History classroom, but could also be easily adapted for use in a variety of other classroom settings.

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Presentation on theme: "Outline for a Five-Paragraph Essay"— Presentation transcript:

1 Outline for a Five-Paragraph Essay

2 Thesis StatementThe first thing you must do is write a thesis statement.It goes at the top of the paper.The city of Frontenac should require curbside recycling.

3 Topic Sentence “Thesis Statement” for a paragraph.
States the main idea of the paragraph.Usually the first sentence in the paragraph.This should be a reason I should believe your thesis.

4 OUTLINE An outline is for the BODY paragraphs.
The thesis will be used in the introductionThe conclusion is not usually included

5 Roman Numeral Use a Roman numeral to designate each paragraph.
The first paragraph would be I.After the Roman numeral, write the topic sentence (the first reason)I. We will soon be over-run with trash if we don’t get more people to recycle.

6 CAPITAL LETTERS Each Roman numeral will need supporting details.
Use capital letters to designate these details.You must use AT LEAST an A and a B.Frontenac should require curbside recyclingI. We will be over-run with trash.A. Landfills are filling upB. Cities are sending trash to us

7 Numbers Use numbers to list supporting details for A, B, C
I. We will be over-run with trashA. Landfills are filling up1. Only so much space2 .No one wants one nearbyB. Cities sending their trash1. Joplin tornado2 .New York’s trash floating on barges

8 Form Roman Numerals use sentences. A,B,C use key words

9 Form Indent A, B, C Keep them even Indent 1,2,3
Capitalize the first word

10 Paragraph II Follow the form from Paragraph I
II. Curbside recycling would be cost effective for the city.A. Collect fees1. On water bill2. Everyone paysB. Get money for trash1. Aluminum pays the most2.Paper can pay well

11 Paragraph III Same form as I and II III. Jobs
(See if you can come up with the rest)

12 SKELETON The outline is just the SKELETON of the essay.
You must use words to fill in the body.Use transistionsUse creative wordsUse sentence varietyRemember to have a concluding sentence for each paragraph.

13 Paragraph IIf Frontenac does not start curbside recycling, we could soon find ourselves over-run with trash. Already our landfills are nearly full to the brim. What will we do when they are full? No one wants a landfill in their own back yard. Not only is our landfill full, other cities are pushing their trash into our space. Joplin sent tons of trash here after the tornado. New York has its trash floating around the ocean looking for a home. Hopefully they won’t send it here. We need to start a strong recycling program before we are buried in trash!

14 Paragraph IIWrite a paragraph using the outline for Paragraph II.

15 INTRODUCTIONUse the thesis statement and a HOOK to write an introduction for this essay.

16 ConclusionWrite a conclusion for this essay.

17 YOUR OWN Make an outline for the first body paragraph of an essay.
The thesis statement isFrontenac should not start a curbside recycling program.Use your own paper.Write the paragraph.

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