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Gcse Coursework Folder Icon

A set of Windows 7 folder icons with hand-drawn numbers for easier navigation

Numbered Folder Icons is an vast collection of handcrafted Windows Seven folders icons created with utmost attention to detail and featuring numbers on every folder image. This folder icon pack is perfect for users working with catalogs, archives and other data collections that require quick access to deeply nested folders.

The Numbered Folder Icons pack consists of 421 icons. Numbers from 0 to 99, Years from 2000 to 2030 and decades from '00s to '90s. And all icons are presented in three different colors: red, green and blue, so you can not only number your folders, but also indicate its state using color. Each icon features a large number accurately inscribed into the image with pixel accuracy.

This folder icon set can be used in various ways and for different purposes. For instance, you can number specific folders to demonstrate the sequence in which documents must be opened and edited, which is convenient for novices familiarizing themselves with a new workplace or students attending a particular class for the first time. Or, if you are an accountant, you can use numbered Windows 7 folder icons for months and sort documents according to their creation or modification date. If you need to rate media files or documents on a particular scale, you can use Numbered Folder Icons to create numbered folders where you will store rated documents. This folder icon pack gives you tons of file categorization and organization options to choose from.

Price: $19.95

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Here’s a sample of the Numbered icons that await you

Changing the appearance of your Windows 7 folder icons is really easy with Numbered Folder Icons. Numbered folders create no additional load on the user interface of the operating system, do not consume extra RAM and do not cause any problems to the user. You are free to label any number of folders arbitrarily or in a sequence and assign numbers according to your own pattern. A great-looking set of professionally drawn folder icons, Numbered Folder Icons will be a valuable asset in the toolkit of any user working with large data archives and multiple folders that need to be located and opened as quickly as possible without using search tools.

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Two great tools are better than one

We invite those who are new to our company’s products to see our other premium product – Folder Marker Pro. Users of both Folder Marker Pro and the Numbered Folder Icons Now icon pack will receive extra benefits.

Folder Marker Pro is the #1 change folder icon solution. It offers a smart-folder highlight recipe and is the fastest way to manage the appearance of your computer. Folder views can be changed in seconds, and you can use various colors and special marks to highlight folders by priority, by information type, and many other ways. Halloween Folder Icons is a perfect addition to the standard Windows icon set – and a folder icon pack for Folder Marker adds new categories and topics to choose from!

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Did you know that you can change the icon of files and folders in macOS? If you did not, in this article I will show you how it is done!

Out of the box, macOS uses a generic blue icon for folders. That’s perfectly fine as you can always identify the folder by its name. Well, not always, and that’s where the ability to change folder icons comes in handy.

Why change the default folder icon?

I added a couple of frequently used folders to the Dock, right next to the Trash can and the Downloads folder. The problem is, that without hovering over the folder with the mouse, I don’t see the name of it. True, the preview of the folder’s contents sometimes gives me a visual clue, but not always. As a result, when I try to drag and drop a file into my “Scans” folder, I have first to confirm which one the correct folder is. I figured it would be much easier if each folder had a unique icon that would relate to its name.

How to change the icon of files and folders

To change the icon of a folder, open Finder and select the folder you would like to change the icon of. Then press COMMAND + I or use File –> Get Info to bring up the Info Sheet. In the upper-left corner of the Info Sheet, you will see a smaller version of the folder icon.

  • Open Finder and select folder
  • Open Info Sheet (COMMAND + I)
  • Drag and drop image file onto folder icon on Info Sheet

Next, pick an image file that you want to use as the new folder icon. I typically go to iconfinder.com to find free icons I can use. Then drag and drop the image file onto the folder icon on the Info Sheet to replace it. I have found that ICNS files work best, so make sure you select the correct file type when downloading the icon. The same principal applies to files, but I haven’t had the need to replace file icons yet.

According to Apple’s knowledge base, you can also open any image file in Preview, select the entire image (Edit –> Select All or COMMAND + A), copy it (Edit –> Copy or COMMAND + C) and then open the Info Sheet, select the current icon and paste the previously copied image into it (Edit –> Paste or COMMAND + V). The advantage of this approach is that you can use any image file type, such as PNG or JPG.

If you don’t see the icon of your folder change in the Dock, it’s because of folders in the Dock, by default, show a preview of the contents. To change that, just right-click on the folder in the Dock and choose “Folder” under “Display as.”

How to delete a custom folder icon

Deleting a custom folder icon and reverting to the standard is straightforward. Select the folder that you would like to reset the icon of, open the Info Sheet, select the custom icon and press DELETE on your keyboard. I have recorded a short video clip that demonstrates how to change the icon and how to revert it back.

The results

I have changed all the folder icons in my Dock with images that visually represent what the folder is for:

  • Downloads
  • Screenshots
  • Scans
  • Processed files
  • Pinned*

The last one is a so-called “Saved Search” pseudo-folder, and even though I changed the icon in Finder, the icon in the Dock doesn’t change. Maybe that’s a bug in macOS, or it’s just how Apple intended it to work. Also, I have noticed that after my last macOS update, the icons of shared Dropbox folders (i.e. Scans) changed back to their original icons.

If you found this article useful, please spread the word and let me know by leaving a comment below.

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