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Logitech Case Study Analysis Sample

Logitech Case Analysis Essays

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Logitech Logitech is an innovative global provider for several technological accessories and peripherals. Logitech become incorporated in the early 1980’s and nearly three decades later it had roughly 40% of the market share in arenas such as Mice, Webcam, and Remotes. In order to fully understand Logitech’s success it is important to understand their strategy for growing but also their strategy for the issues they have faced. And ultimately deciding what will be their competitive advantage in the future. In order to understand the strategy of Logitech is it imperative to conduct a brief external analysis, beginning with the general environment. The general environment focuses on demographic, economic, political/ legal, socio-…show more content…

This strategy was seen through the acquisition of QuickCam PC in 1998, Labtec, Inc. in 2001, Intrigue Technologies, Inc. in 2004, etc. After Logitech’s initial product, they realized that they would have to be proactive in finding innovative ways to grow and in 2000 they introduced their first gaming console controller. Followed quickly by the production of Logitech’s io Personal Digital Pen. Logitech’s competitive advantage has been the first- mover advantage, allowing them to build a rapport with buyers enabling them to have larger market segments. This is seen with their pioneering of the computer mouse and keyboard, as well as having been on the forefront in video conferencing. The case also states, “Instead of following market trends, Logitech has often created them.”- an indicator of their first- mover competitive advantage. Although Logitech had much success with its strategies of innovation and acquisition, they have also had their fare share of implications, some of which they have overcome and others that remain. One critical issue that Logitech faced was the recent financial crisis of 2007/2008. Because technological products are a luxury good, consumers tend to cut back when there is less disposable income. This can be seen in the 9% decrease, 29% decrease, and 39% decrease for sales, operating income, and net income respectively from 2009 to 2010. One method that Logitech maneuvered the crisis was by

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Logitech Case StudyJim DaleyIB303 050 3/17/081)The cost to the American consumer would increase drastically. It would increase because the product would be fully assembled here in the U.S. which would increase the cost of labor. Having to hire more laborers would increase the amount of money going to their pay which would then increase the price of a product by several hundreds of dollars. Instead of paying $40 dollars for a mouse now the consumer would be looking at a price in the range of $200-$350.2)Trade lowers the cost of making computer peripherals because they can be produced and manufactured overseas. Without these low income countries Logitech and other companies would not be as successful as they are today. Since now that globalization is a big thing in today’s business world Logitech will continue to produce it’s products in Taiwan and China as long as the cost of labor and production stays low.3)Logitech is a big globally enhanced company where their product and company use a lot of countries to produce and finalize their products. From their corporate headquarters in Freemont, California, to it’s building in Switzerland where basic R&D work is done, to it’s location in Ireland, and to it’s factories in Asia where

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