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A Classic Christmas Essay

The Commercialization of Christmas Essay

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The Commercialization of Christmas

Over the years, one topic which has sparked an interesting debate among intellectuals, business men and Christians is whether or not Christmas has enrolled into an over commercialized holiday. The period at the climax of the year, December 25th, which we celebrate as Christmas is the time when consumers increase their spending to an outrageous level and business persons become elated as their shelves become depleted of the products that assist in our celebrations.

The Oxford Study Dictionary describes the term commercialize as 'to make commercial or to alter in order to make profitable'. In light of this definition, I certainly believe that it has become too…show more content…

Those gifts, which we offer as tokens are representative of the gifts, were brought be the Three Wise Men for Jesus on his day of birth.

Commercialization, however, escalates because the fruits of our own labour do not make many of the gifts that are traded. It is substantially more convenient to stroll into any department store or corner shop and purchase a gift which one deems as appropriate for the occasion. This convenience has allowed the opportunistic business 'sharks' of the world to exploit such an opportunity and diminish the importance of one of Christianity's most significant holidays. Commercialization is therefore the outcome of this exploitation and its increase is becoming more and more evident. Christmas then suffers as business flourish. The actual reason for this holiday becomes so immersed under the commercial blanket, that persons not only forget the true reason behind Christmas but the businessmen structure their entire operations around the influx in sales during the Christmas period.

The effect this has on the society cannot be ignored. Businesses slash prices in order to attract their customers and the increase in sales is so high during this period that profits surpass any of those made during the previous periods of the same year. Over-working becomes the direct effect of this over commercialization. Persons have to support their families and

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Comparing Thanksgiving and Christmas Essay

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When I was younger, the two holidays I looked forward to were always Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of the year always is the happiest because everything feels so refreshing because I am spending quality time with the people I love most. When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always seem to have the most memorable good and bad moments. These holidays have very different meanings but have the same feeling because it symbolizes, good food, good times with family and a whole lot of drama. When I think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, the first thought that comes to mind is the good food. Every year my family and I prepare many homemade dishes to celebrate the holidays. For Thanksgiving, my family and I will go all…show more content…

Beside the food, the next best thing about the holidays, is the quality time that I get to spend with my family. My family is spread out all over the United States; we do have family in Washington, Georgia, Ohio and Mississippi. Since we all in different states, we do not get to see one another much. When my family comes together it is always really interesting because something always happens. Thanksgiving is usually the time when most of the family comes together because nobody wants to miss grandma’s award winning food. My grandmother has won several cooking contest when she lived in the bay area. When the family comes around for Christmas, it is unforgettable because it does not happen all the time. The negative part about the whole family getting together is that there is always some type of drama. When the family gets together, there is always a fight of some kind because something is said to make someone mad. For some, this can be a stressful time but for others it is mere entertainment because the fights are over the stupidest things. When family member fight at Thanksgiving, it is usually over the food. They fight because someone does not like what was cooked, they did not get to cook, or they were just fashionably late. For Christmas, the fights are always because of the gifts. The person who fights always seems to be that family member that barely

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