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Data Analysis Dissertation Help

Dissertation committees usually vigorously attack the way a study’s results are analyzed.

Dissertation committees usually vigorously attack the way a study’s results are analyzed; as such, data analysis can be extremely difficult and intimidating for students.
Data analysis is one of Dissertation Genius’s core competencies; we have PhD-level statistical consultants on our team as well as over 22 years of experience in all types of data analysis. For more details on our qualitative analysis services, visit our Qualitative Analysis page.

Our data analysis specializations include:

  • Qualitative/quantitative/mixed data analysis
  • Mixed methods design
  • Comprehensive power analysis
  • Data analysis section formatting, table/chart placement, etc.
  • Data analysis software (e.g. SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, LISREL/EQS/AMOS/Atlas TI, NVivo, and more)
  • Just about all statistical methods (ANOVA, MANCOVA, correlation, path analysis, multiple regression, SEM, and more)
  • Database design & data entry
  • Analysis & results summaries
  • Statistics tutoring

Our statistical consultants and coaches can specifically help you with:

  • Providing comprehensive and detailed instruction in all aspects of statistics, data analysis, database construction, and statistical analysis software such as Excel or SPSS
  • Carefully reviewing your data
  • Developing a thorough analysis strategy
  • Identifying the statistical method & software appropriate for your study
  • Revising and cleaning your dataset to optimize analysis & results
  • Constructing an appropriate database and providing data entry services
  • Implementing full statistical analysis of your optimized dataset
  • Drafting & finalizing your data analysis section and your results chapter
  • Implementing all revision requests and addressing any committee concerns
  • Providing continuing support until the final approval of your results section

Get peace of mind, save time & money, and submit truly exceptional work by taking advantage of the vast experience and fully-specialized expertise of our staff.

*We do not write dissertations, theses, or papers. This is not a writing service; our data analysis services are consistent with ethical guidelines for academic conduct.

Get Affordable Data Analysis for Dissertation help From Experts

Data analysis is the most crucial process of writing any research paper. This is a stage that you require expert advise and close consultation with a data analyst. Unfortunately statistical consultation doesnt come cheap. However at expertwritinghelp.com you can have a statistician offer you help on data analysis for dissertation at incredibly reduced prices.

Dissertation research process involves gathering data related to the study, analyzing the data and interpreting the results. These tenets of statistics play a central role in successful accomplishment of the research ends. Due to limited knowledge in statistics, most social science researchers and students hire data analysis helpers to assist in planning and executing surveys.

A dissertation is an advanced research paper that seeks to provide specific solution to a specific problem affecting specific group of people. Statistics offers indispensable tools to help researchers delve deeper into problem, establish causation and predict the future. Therefore, data analysis is a cornerstone of any research. 

Unfortunately, most students cannot be able to design survey, collect and analyze data due to limited knowledge in statistical methods. Being a highly mathematical discipline, students find statistics boring and cumbersome. Even the brightest in class face challenges analyzing data often asking for data analysis help from experts.  At expertwritinghelp.com, we employ a team of expert statisticians to help students facing challenges using statistical methods in their dissertation writing. 

We offer SPSS data analysis help for dissertation

SPSS is the friendliest statistical program you can use to analyze data for your dissertation. However, most students have no idea how to use this simple statistical program. Students who seek our services find our SPSS data analysis help valuable due to our in depth understanding of the algorithm of the program. 

Our experts strive not to only help you pass the tests, but have practical understanding of how to use the program, so that you can use it later in life. This approach helps students understand different statistical methods and their application in solving real problems. Moreover, our statistics help for dissertation offers great value by assisting students interpret results and write scientific conclusion based on the obtained results.

Get Affordable Data Analysis for Dissertation help From us today

Once data is collected, a researcher needs to validate the data, collate the data and enter the data in a statistical program for data analysis. At expertwritinghelp.com, we have a set of statistical programs that we use to analyze data. The program to use depends on various factors: quantity of the data and preference of data analyst. 

Our dissertation data analysis helpers normally use SPSS due to its enormous capability to simplify results for the end user, but on client request we can use SAS, R, or Eviews. Using these programs our data analysts can conduct multivariate tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, repeated measures, path analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, structural equation modeling, MANCOVA, regression and survival modeling without challenges. Hire our statisticians today to assist you analyze data for your psychology, sociology, econometrics, finance, marketing and management dissertation at affordable prices.

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