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The Weald Homework Login Live

Welcome to Class 3 (Foxes Class)


Class Teacher:  Fiona Mordecai, Sarah Metcalf

Learning Support Assistant:  Vicky Fisher

Class Letters

You can download any of the class letters listed below:

Foxes Topic Overview Spring 2018 – second half

Foxes South America Homework Spring 2018 – second half




Our homework display from the last half term is now so chocca block it has spread to another table – well done Foxes.


This week homework was purely voluntary – but we had some amazing presentations to enjoy:

We had a clearly set out Viking algebra problem sheet to finish off that topic brilliantly.

Then we began South America with a bang.

The bar has been set very high with ‘South America Adventure’ – 177 words already! Good luck trying to beat that. We also enjoyed looking at: a fantastic 3D Lego model of a rainforest, a beautiful playdough red-eyed frog, an informative South America leaflet, a flag of Ecuador, a South America acrostic poem, and two exciting Power Points about ski holiday adventures.

Finally. we got out our ‘shiny’ eyes for a sparkly piece of art, and our ‘amazed’ faces were needed for a Costa Rica book presentation by the author’s niece.




Welcome to the Spring term!

You may think that the homework wall looks a little sparse – but in fact all homework was entirely voluntary (for this week only), and we were actually thrilled to receive such a wide variety of well presented, thoughtful, and creative contributions. Everybody presenting their homework to the class this week did a fantastic job delivering: a poem, an information list, a word search, an algebra problem, a PowerPoint, a bookmark an illustration, AND a replica Viking shield. What a fun start to a Friday.


We are enjoying an exciting and creative week before Christmas in Foxes, especially today when (as you can see) we are sporting festive jumpers and looking forward to our whole school Christmas meal.

A HUGE thank you to all the generous parents and carers who have clubbed together to send in vouchers; we are very grateful (and already planning our Marks and Spencer’s shopping trips).



It was very exciting to see everyone in their home clothes for Children in Need, and even more exciting to see all the home learning ready to share and display (please do come and have a look at our board in class):

Volcanoes seem to have really captured everyone’s imaginations, check out this ingenious survival kit:

We also enjoyed exciting eruptions, demonstrations and presentations:



Welcome back after the half term break.

What a amazing array of different types of home learning we got this week; we could really tell that the extra time and new topic options had been made the most of.

Some very detailed and well presented 2D work was shared first:

Followed by 3D models:

Two of the model volcanos erupted! This caused so much excitement that  Mrs Monro popped in to have a look.

It was very inspirational to see some fantastic gymnastics, clearly a lot of productive practise has been dedicated to getting this good:

Finally a Warhammer Powerpoint: well put together and presented in a lively and interesting way – we were spellbound.

We were very excited to receive Powerpoints about Vesuvius and decided to save them for topic lessons to get us thinking – thanks for saving Mrs Mordecai some planning!



For the last week’s homework we decided to add to our gorgeous display rather than replace it:

As usual we began by sharing amongst ourselves:

Then EVERYBODY had the chance to talk to the whole class about their home learning:

With a bow or curtsey to finish!





The pictures say it all, what a great home learning week!

We all showed our work (using the well known ‘Mexican wave’ technique), and then the rest of the class had the opportunity to ask questions.

Excitingly, Ms Driver joined us for homework sharing; I wonder who can remember what questions she asked?



What are we so amazed about?

Our fantastic cumulative poetry, of course!

Here’s just a few examples – can you see what craftily creative characteristics they all have in common?


We have enjoyed an exciting week of peer coaching and feedback this week; everyone has stepped up to the challenge of thinking in a positive, specific and constructive way to support each other with our learning.

As we came to the end of our Math’s focus on ‘addition and subtraction’ we each thought carefully about what we still found challenging, and wrote this on post-it notes.

Then classmates who felt confident in each particular area (like vertical partitioning, counting backwards, or ordering) spent time coaching others to help them overcome their area of difficulty.

As you can see the discussions were lively and constructive, with those being coached reporting back that they felt more confident, picked up some useful tips, and had enjoyed getting support from a classmate who really understood what their problem was.

We also changed our homework time this week.

We began with everybody sharing with each other as usual.

Then 10 pupils were nominated by their peers to present their homework to the class.


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“This is a good school“ - Ofsted December 2015

“People listen to each other“ Year 2 child

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“I like this school because the teachers are kind, inspirational and positive“ Year 3 child

“Our school is improving so quickly it is exciting“ Year 4 child

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“I like the way our school is healthy.“

“I think BPS is good because I like the outside.“

“I like learning new things.“

“You make great friends.“

“ like BPS because I get to see my mates.“

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“I like BPS because I like story time because I like writing and reading.“

“I think our school is good because of the mixture of learning.“

“This is a good school“ - Ofsted December 2015

“People listen to each other“ Year 2 child

“We are trusted and have lots of responsibility“ Year 5 child

“We trust each other“ Year 1 child

“I like this school because the teachers are kind, inspirational and positive“ Year 3 child

“Our school is improving so quickly it is exciting“ Year 4 child

“Forest School's great - do something you have never done before!“ Year 6 child

“I like learning new things.“

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