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Aftershock Beyond The Civil War Essay Topics

Unformatted text preview: Aftershock: Beyond the Braden Davis Civil War 05/14/2014 HIS 2225 The History Channel’s 2006 documentary “Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War” focuses on the Reconstruction period of American history. While giving a brief overview of what was going on in the country, the documentary chooses specific examples during Reconstruction to help make their point. Throughout this paper a similar format is followed. Even though the war was over, violence continued at least another decade after the Civil War. The KKK, America’s first terrorist organization led these violent attacks. While I knew a basic amount of knowledge on the organization. I was not aware of what took place in Tennessee involving Governor Brownlow. In Tennessee Governor Brownlow brings about legislation that would not only ratify the 14th amendment, but also strip the voting rights of ex-rebels. The legislature, upset by this legislation tries to leave, but the Governor refuses to let them. He threatens to shoot them if they legislation tries to leave, but the Governor refuses to let them....
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Here’s another BRA documentary about Reconstruction: in the second video, we hear the origins of the “Civil Rights Movement” in the opposition of the Radical Republicans to the Southern black codes.

The violence in the South during Reconstruction is reminiscent of the chaos unleashed in Iraq or Kosovo under the American occupation. Next year, I’m looking forward to reviewing The Revolution of 1861: The American Civil War in the Age of Nationalist Conflict.

Note: The rise of the Ku Klux Klan and the White League is also covered. In the third video, you can watch the New Orleans Riot of 1866. See what happens to the scalawags and carpetbaggers.

In Tennessee, Bloody Bill Brownlow threatens to execute Tennessee state legislators (fourth video) who refused to vote for the Fourteenth Amendment. This is how Tennessee is restored to the Glorious Union and the Klan is born. In the sixth video, the Klan wages war against the carpetbagger D.P. Upham and Reconstruction in Arkansas.

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