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Legal 500 Assignment 3

Running Head: Performance Management 2 Create a job description for a retail sales associate. Create an organizational behavior modification (OBM) plan to define a set of three (3) key behaviors that are necessary for job performance. Title : Retail Sales Associate, Macy’s Department Store Reports to: Sales Manager, Store Manager, District Manager Job purpose: To plan and carry out direct marketing and sales activities, so as to maintain and develop sales of retail store in Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV in accordance with agreed business plans. Key responsibilities and accountabilities:  Maintain and improve an electronic client and prospect database.  Plan and transfer out direct marketing actions (mainly direct mail) to decided resources, sales volumes, values, product mix and periods.  Develop ideas and generate proposals for direct mail and marketing to major accounts by main market sector and Macy’s Department Store.  Answer to and monitor up sales investigations by post, telephone, and individual visits.  Uphold and cultivate current and new consumers through deliberate separate account support, and liaison with internal order-processing staff.  Monitor and report on activities and provide relevant management information.  Carry out market research, competitor and customer surveys.  Maintain and report on equipment and software suitability for direct marketing and sales reporting purposes.  Liaise and attend meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and aid business and organizational development.

Running head: THE GIG ECONOMY1LEG 500: Law, Ethics, and Corporate GovernanceAssignment 2: The Gig EconomyProfessor Meredith BrascaNellie TurnerAugust 27, 2017Strayer UniversityCallie & AssociatesMemoTo:Uber Human Resources ManagerFrom:Nellie Turnercc:Uber DriversDate:August 27, 2017Re:Evaluation of Uber’s legal exposure for the conduct of drivers______________________________________________________________________________There are several guidelines which need to be made available for the drivers of this company focusing on the legal exposure for the conduct of drivers.The main principles of agency are as follows:• Actual Authorityis authority which is actually possessed. The agent is authorized by the principal.• Apparent Authorityis exercised when an agent displays the appearance of having authority in a situation though he may not have authority. The use of apparent authority by an

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